Where's the Map? Navigating Australia's Housing and Aged Care Systems

Old age is when a lifetime of inequality, compounded and multiplied from life event to life event, can be in its starkest relief. Some inequality comes in later in life, following adverse life events such as divorce or redundancy. Disadvantage relating to unemployment in 50s and 60s, not owning a home and having little or no super exacerbates inequality. Our shrinking stock of public housing and the lack of housing affordability in the private rental market have a particular impact on older people living on low incomes. If housing is not suitable for an older person, either due to affordability, location, amenity or design, it can hamper access to in-home aged care services, and therefore health outcomes. Key messages are beginning to emerge from our research, showing that policy and service delivery in these areas require radical change if we are to adequately serve our older Australians.