Experiences of those aged 50+ in the private rented sector

The number of people in England, aged 50+ living in the private rented sector has reached a record high in recent times, at 1.13m in 2015/16 (compared to 651,000 in 2008/9). This equates to nine per cent of the population aged 50 and over (compared to 6 per cent in 2008/9). While the vast majority of those aged 50+ own their own home, the growing number and proportion of those living in the private rented sector, with insecure tenancies, rising rents and no asset wealth is often hidden. To explore this issue further, the National Housing Federation commissioned YouGov to run 10 questions as part of their daily Great Britain Omnibus. The questions ran on four consecutive polls between the 27 March and the 3 April to achieve a sample of 3936 adults aged 50+ in England.