Dignity and choice An inclusive future for our ageing population

The ageing of Sydney's population presents a fundamental challenge for how cities are able to function. Policy makers will need to embrace a paradigm shift that views city and project planning through a lens where a full 42% of the population sits outside of the working age bracket of 15-64. This has implications for almost every area of public policy and for all levels of government. This report provides a series of policy proposals to achieve a more inclusive and liveable city. While many of the recommendations put forward are centred on the needs of older residents, their implementation would have benefits for the whole community. The report canvasses many practical and effective measures that can be implemented to ensure an inclusive future for our ageing population. Increased home care packages, affordable rental properties, safe and reliable transportation, inclusive and dementia friendly public spaces and active living will ensure older Australians can live a full life safely and happily with or near their loved ones and with access to vital services. These are all achievable goals.