Adapting homes for ageing well in London

In London there are just over 1 million people aged over 65 and that number is expected to grow to 1.2 million by 2024 – an increase of 22% in 10 years. There are 140,000 people aged over 85 in London, and that is expected to increase to 180,000 over 85 by 2024, a 38% increase in 10 years. Having homes that are safe, suitable, adaptable and accessible is a crucial step towards enabling people to live independently and well in a home of their choosing as they age. The London Housing Strategy and the Hackney Housing Strategy pledged to make homes more accessible and adaptable to meet the diverse needs of ageing populations across London. This report highlights the views and experiences of older Londoners who have had home adaptations carried out to their homes, highlighting what worked well for them as well as possible improvements.