Regulation and Growth of the Not-for-Profit Housing Sector

The Commonwealth and the States are keen to direct government funds through these kinds of organisations in preference to increasing the supply of public housing. Most significantly, all Australian Housing Ministers agreed in May 2009 that the not-for-profit housing sector should grow from its current level of 10.8% to a figure up to 35% by 2014.

This massive increase in housing stock can only be achieved by a large transfer of public housing stock. HAAG has recently submitted a response to a discussion paper released by the Commonwealth called Regulation and Growth of the Not-For-Profit Housing Sector. On this page you will find these documents as well as the regulatory framework for not-for-profit housing associations in Victoria.

HAAG is concerned that major decisions are being made about the future of public and social housing without proper consultation with tenants who will be affected by the changes. We believe that no new housing developments should be endorsed, supported or funded by the Commonwealth or State Governments without ensuring that the benchmarks of decent housing that have been developed by state housing authorities over many years are matched by these organisations.

To this end we also refer you to HAAG’s Housing Charter and Housing Justice for the Aged Manifesto. We believe that any new housing system should adhere to these principles if the government’s aim is to benefit the people for whom the housing is intended.