The Seniors News, January 2015, had the following article "Older renters left to flounder, Senate told". The article reported on the Senate's inquiry into affordable housing and mentions a submission made by HAAG.

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Victoria’s house price boom and tight rental market are pushing people to the margins, but many have found solace in one of the hundreds of caravan parks around the state. And they have no intention of leaving, reports Kate Stanton.

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Caroline Zielinsk The Age  September 14, 2014

A growing number of single older women are living in straitened circumstances and the situation is only likely to get worse, writes Caroline Zielinksi.

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Homes fit for purpose

The article ''Homes, more homes'' (Focus, 18/8) highlights the need for retiree housing embedded in our communities that keeps us linked to local services and social relationships. Housing built with universal design principles can also ensure we stay living independently in our own homes for most of our lives and rely less on expensive residential care. Desirable neighbourhood-based retiree housing models are in stark contrast to the large gated retirement villages that the housing industry tells us we should have.

However one vital perspective that also needs urgent action is the provision of more public and social housing. Home ownership rates continue to decline and the numbers of older people struggling to pay high rents in the insecure private rental market are doubling every 10 years. An older persons housing strategy would provide the framework to tackle these problems.

Jeff Fiedler, Housing for the Aged Action Group

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The Zone - Homes for the ageing baby boomers by Michael Short.

Michael Short interviewed Professor Shane Murray, Dean of Art Design and Architecture at Monash University.

"We need to radically change the way we are planning for the ageing and rapid growth of Australia’s population, if we are to preserve and share fairly the rich quality of life for which our cities have become internationally recognised. The pressures are particularly acute because Australia is the one of the world’s most urbanised nations, with almost nine in 10 of us living in a built-up area...."

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Rental market tightens by Simon Garner appeared in the August 2014 The Senior Victoria edition.

The impact of a tightening housing rental market is dramatically affecting many older people in Victoria. One is Joyce aged 92....

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Rising rents force pensioners to look for alternative housing.

Item by Stephen Taylor in the Mornington Peninsula News, 22 July 2014.

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