Victorian State Election 2022 - Making Our Voices Heard

The housing crisis for older people in Victoria is getting worse. Every day, HAAG’s Home at Last service is receiving calls for help from older people across the state facing eviction or struggling to pay rent. It is time to act. We are calling on the Victorian Government to urgently address the housing crisis facing older people.

HAAG's election platform

HAAG is calling on all candidates at the Victorian Election to support:

  1. Building public, community and affordable housing for older people in areas that allow maintenance of social and cultural networks, access to transport, health and other services, and green spaces.
  • Redirect all Big Housing Build funding to direct investment in public housing on public land
  • Fully deliver the reforms recommended by the independent review into Social Housing Regulation
  • Earmark 20% of any “affordable” housing investment for the “missing middle”
  • Respond to the Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria report
  •  Release the Ten Year Social and Affordable Housing Strategy

2. Improve protections for retirement housing residents, to make retirement housing a fairer and more affordable housing option.

3. Establish a housing ombudsman, with specific expertise in retirement housing and social housing, that provides free, fast, accessible and binding dispute resolution

4. Expand the successful Home at Last program across Victoria as part of an early intervention and prevention approach.

Read our full election policy platform here

HAAG's Advocacy Toolkit

There is real momentum for change to address homelessness and housing issues of older people in Victoria. Our voices are powerful. People speaking out and asking decision makers for action can shift policy to improve housing outcomes for older people in the State.

We encourage you to contact your local State representative and other local candidates to request meetings to talk about homelessness and housing issues of older people. Local members are open to meeting their constituents, especially when there is an upcoming election. They are interested in local concerns and with the right information, encouragement and clear recommendations, you can be a champion for older people and their housing issues.

Read our Advocacy Toolkit

Download a template letter to send to candidates

Download a template letter to request a meeting with candidates

More information about voting at the Victorian State Election