Older people are particularly vulnerable to the COVID19 virus.  They need safe and affordable housing so they can practice physical distancing, quarantine and self-isolation as required. This briefing presents some of the missing pieces in the puzzle of protecting older Victorians.

Many retirement village residents have questions about their rights in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, so we put this factsheet together to answer some of the most common ones.

We are working off-site and are limiting face to face contact

Tourist accommodation should be opened up for the “hidden homeless” who are affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“No Victorian should lose their home during this pandemic, or because of it,” said HAAG's Chair, Phyll Williams.  “Older people are the fastest-growing segment of the private rental market, and the most vulnerable to the coronavirus.  The government must ensure that renters aren’t put on the street, where they will be completely unable to take any social-distancing or self-isolation measures.”

HAAG is taking steps to limit the potential spread of the corona virus. This means that we will be having less face-to-face meetings with our members, volunteers and clients, and there will be less people in the office. We will still be answering the phone and encourage people to stay in touch!

The national Ageing on the Edge Older Persons Homelessness Prevention Project is soon to release its report on the housing crisis facing a growing number of older people in Queensland.