NSW State Election 2023 - Making Our Voices Heard

The housing crisis for older people in New South Wales is getting worse. It is time to act to turn the situation around. It is time to act. We are calling on the New South Wales Government to urgently address the housing crisis facing older people.

We worked hard to get a parliamentary inquiry into older people and homelessness. The inquiry made some critical recommendations that the NSW Government now needs to be pressured to implement.

Together, our voices are powerful. At this state election we have an opportunity to make some positive changes to address housing issues of older people in NSW. We have put together some useful materials for you to bring the issues that affect you and other older people in NSW to your parliamentarians and candidates.

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Background Briefing

Ageing on the Edge NSW is a coalition of about 150 members and organisations working together to address issues of housing and homelessness related issues of older people in NSW.

Our recommendations

We are calling on the NSW government to implement the recommendations of Social Issues Committee inquiry into homelessness amongst older people aged over 55 in NSW , especially to –

  • Fund a specialist older person’s housing information and support service that comprises both an early intervention and crisis response, similar to the HAAG ‘Home at Last’ model in Victoria.
  • Lower the priority age for social housing eligibility from 80 years as a matter of urgency.
  • Build 5,000 social and affordable homes per year for 10 years, at least 20% of which should be dedicated to older people.

Key stats and figures -

Solutions -

  • Funding the establishment of a Home at Last type service in NSW. HAAG has been delivering Home at Last service since 2012. The service encompasses an early intervention and prevention approach with ongoing support until the older person is safely housed.
  • The early intervention and prevention occur through engagement with communities directly and via peer educators who are able to reach people at risk of homelessness before they reach a crisis point.
  • Services range from providing tailored housing information to assistance with housing applications, support during the move, establishing a new home and referrals into aged care and other supports
  • Earnt and Young conducted a cost benefit analysis of the service 2021 and found a cost benefit of $1 to $2.30 benefit.
  • The service has been adopted in Queensland in its entirety to assist older people, particularly older women navigate the housing system.

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