National Alliance of Seniors for Housing

The National Alliance for Senior’s Housing (NASH) brings together older people who have experienced homelessness or housing stress from across Australia.

The purpose of NASH is to:

  • Represent the needs and voice of older people, by older people who have lived experience of homelessness or being at risk of homelessness.
  • Advocate for the housing and service-use needs of financially disadvantaged older people.
  • Raise community awareness about people’s experiences of homelessness and housing stress to challenge myths and assumptions;
  • Share information about housing options, services and assistance available.
  • Contribute to Housing for the Aged Action Group’s policies and practices

Action Updates

17 Sep 2021

An estimated 405,000 women aged 45 and over are at risk of homelessness in Australia. It’s time for action and national leadership. Awareness has been raised but policy responses are silent in addressing older women’s homelessness. If we approach this issue from a gender perspective, what needs to change for older women today and in the future?

This booklet compiles stories from older people experiencing homelessness and housing stress from around Australia, who form the the National Alliance of Seniors for Housing, advocating for safe and affordable housing for older people.

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We meet monthly, if you'd like to get involved read our invitation to participate, join HAAG here, join our Facebook Group, or contact us.