Housing for the Aged Action Group welcomes all members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) communities to access our housing services, to participate in our organisation and our campaigns for housing justice, and to work with us.

We strive do so so in an inclusive and respectful way and provide a welcoming and safe environment. HAAG does not discriminate on the basis of gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation. As part of our commitment to LGBTI diversity and inclusion we are working towards the Rainbow Tick accreditation.

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We are looking for people who are part of the LGBTI community who are interested in being part of a reference group to guide an upcoming project which will be developing and delivering community education to the LGBTI community. Sign up here if you'd like to be involved!

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LGBTI communities are at a higher risk of becoming homeless compared to the wider community. This risk is further compounded for older LGBTI people who are faced with additional challenges related to ageing and lifelong experiences of stigma and discrimination. The lack of services and programs available to these older people has contributed to a growing trend of older LGBTI people retiring into homelessness.

This joint submission arises from the LGBTI Elders Housing Project, being led by HAAG in partnership with Switchboard Victoria, Val’s LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care, Transgender Victoria and Thorne Harbour Health.

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Throughout 2019-2020 we surveyed and interviewed 228 older LGBTI people aged between 50 and 80 years of age about their housing and the information they provided forms the basis of this submission. We found that more older LGBTI people have experienced homelessness than their non-LGBTI counterparts, and that older LGBTI people are in circumstances that place them at risk of homelessness.

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This submission was prepared in partnership with Val’s LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care, Switchboard Victoria, and Transgender Victoria.

The results are in! How are older LGBTI people in Victoria housed, and what do they think about it?

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LGBTIQ organisations are disappointed to hear news this week that Switchboard Victoria’s ‘Out and About’ program is under threat due to Federal funding cuts. 'Out and About’ is a vital peer service connecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex (LGBTI) people across Victoria and aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness experienced by older members of LGBTIQ communities via a community visitors program.



Resources for LGBTI Older People

Below are some additional resources that LGBTI older people may find useful

Val’s Ageing and Aged Care (formerly Val's Cafe) has been working to improve the health and wellbeing of older lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans and intersex Australians since 2009. Val’s focusses on building the capacity of service providers to be LGBTI inclusive as a means to improving the health and wellbeing of older LGBTI people.

Switchboard Victoria is a community based not for profit organisation that provides peer based, volunteer run support services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) people and their friends, families and allies.
1800 184 527

Out and About
Out & About is a FREE home visiting service that connects lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex (LGBTI) people across Victoria. Our peer volunteer visitors make regular social visits to people living at home or in aged care as part of the national Community Visitors Scheme.

Drummond Street
A not for profit community service organisation helping all kinds of people and families in some of the most diverse communities, including counselling and support services for older LGBTIQ+ people

With Respect 1800 LGBTIQ
w|respect is a new specialist LGBTIQ family violence service that was funded by the Victorian government. Its role is to both support the LGBTIQ communities and their families affected by family violence.

Alice’s Garage
Alice’s Garage is a national project empowering LGBTI elders and promoting healthy LGBTI ageing in Australia, including a blog for LGBTI elders and a number of projects focusing on LGBTI Ageing and Elders.

Silver Rainbow
Silver Rainbow provides national coordination and support activities promoting the well-being of LGBTI elders and the ongoing delivery of the LGBTI awareness training to the aged care sector. Their website includes important and useful information about aged care for LGBTI people and their families.

Vintage Men
The Melbourne Chapter of Prime Timers World Wide, Vintage Men Incorporated is a social support group for mature gay, bisexual men and their friends.

LGBTI Elders Dance Club
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex elders and their allies are invited to attend this free monthly social event, learn new dances, enjoy delicious catering and drinks, and interact with other LGBTI elders and allies.

Search for LGBTI services
Star Observer, a publication on LGBTI issues, has a great online resource for LGBTI community services across Australia.

Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria
Fun, romance, good sex, being cared for, feeling valued and safe - that's what relationships are supposed to be about. But what if you're being hurt by someone you love?

Thorne Harbour Relationship and Family Violence page
Research tells us that 1 in 3 LGBTI people experience intimate partner and/or family violence from a partner, ex-partner, or family member, inclusive of family of choice. If you are experiencing elder abuse or other kinds of family violence, resources are available to help you.

Matrix Guild
An advocacy and support group for older lesbians who provide information on accommodation options and manage some social housing properties.