Housing for the Aged Action Group welcomes all members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex & Asexual (LGBTIQA+) communities to access our housing services, to participate in our organisation and our campaigns for housing justice, and to work with us.

We strive to do so in an inclusive and respectful way and provide a welcoming and safe environment. HAAG does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity, gender expression, intersex variation or sexual orientation. As part of our commitment to LGBTI diversity and inclusion we recently achieved Rainbow Tick accreditation.

Latest Updates and Events from HAAG's LGBTIQA+ Projects

27 Oct 2022

In-person information session on the housing experiences of older LGBTI+ people for LGBTI+ community members as part of Victorian Seniors Week festival

18 Oct 2022

Online information session for workers and service providers wanting to learn more about the housing experiences of older LGBTI+ people.

All about our Older LGBTI housing services as well as campaigns and working group in one handy brochure

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This zine by HAAG LGBTI reference group member Jo Waite chronicles her life through pictures of some of the many houses she slept in before finally receiving safe and affordable. The zine was originally printed for MPavillion MTalks and published online for Lesbian Visibility Day

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The public perception of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people is largely one of a young, affluent community. However, the reality is that within the LGBTI community, a large  share of LGBTI adults are older, of low-socioeconomic status and at risk of homelessness. LGBTI elders are more likely to live in poverty and experience homelessness, compared to the mainstream population due to both the complexity of their experiences and difficulty accessing services.

PDF icon Read the article by Rebecca Walton


Community Education Sessions

In partnership with LGBTIQA+ organisations, the Older LGBTIQA+ housing project uses early intervention methods to improve the ability of older LGBTIQA+ people to navigate the housing and homelessness systems and avoid a housing crisis. Our program involves developing and delivering LGBTI+ appropriate community education material that is informed through consultation with older LGBTIQA+ people and delivered by LGBTIQA+ community leaders. The community education session and resources:

  • Inform LGBTIQA+ elders of their housing options and paths to access a safe, affordable and long-term home.
  • Highlight the warning signs that may lead to homelessness and give older LGBTIQA+ people practical tips on how to recognise these signs, well before a crisis.
  • Prevent older LGBTIQA+ people from becoming homeless following an unexpected life event e.g. family breakdown.
  • Link older LGBTIQA+ people into HAAG for support.
  • Ensure early referrals of older LGBTIQA+ people at risk of homelessness, so they can avoid a crisis.

LGBTIQA+ community reference group

The LGBTIQA+ reference group brings together older representatives from the LGBTIQA+ community to identify and address barriers and issues relating to accessing housing and homelessness services and maintaining secure and affordable housing. The group aims improve the ability for older LGBTIQA+ people to navigate the housing and homelessness system and avoid a housing crisis. For further information  email: shane.mcgrath@oldertenants.org.au

This group is partially supported through funding from the Liberty Finance Pride Network.

LGBTIQA+ Housing Survey

Our LGBTIQA+ housing survey is now closed! You can read the results in our report.

The results of the original 2020 survey are available here.

Steering Committee

The steering committee oversaw our original project included:
Tonye Segbedzi (Australian Association of Gerontology), Pauline Crameri (Val’s LGBTI ageing and aged care), Brenda Appleton (Transgender Victoria) , Ada Castle (Switchboard Victoria) Toby Bolton (Thorne Harbour Health), Fiona York (HAAG), Rebecca Walton (HAAG)

In addition to community education, our steering committee continues our joint advocacy to increase appropriate housing options and improve the system response to older LGBTIQA+ people across the homelessness and aged care sectors.

Resources for LGBTIQA+ Older People

Below are some additional resources that LGBTIQA+ older people may find useful

VALS LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care
Victorian state-wide program working to improve healthy ageing pathways, care and visibility of older LGBTI people.

Q-Life (Switchboard Victoria)
Free, anonymous and confidential LGBTI phoneline and webchat Ring for a chat or to find referrals or more information.
Call 1800 184 527

Out and about program (Switchboard Victoria)
Statewide service providing regular catch ups for LGBTIQA+ people at risk of social isolation, eligibility: people accessing or waiting for a Home Care Package or living in residential aged care

Rainbow Door (Switchboard Victoria)
Free specialist LGBTIQA+ helpline providing information, support, and referral to all LGBTIQA+ Victorians, their friends and family
Call 1800 729 367

Thorne Harbour Health (THH)
Victoria's leading LGBTI health service specialising in, HIV prevention, mental health, housing, family violence and drug and alcohol support
Call 1800 134 840

Housing Plus (THH)
A state-wide Victorian program that supports people living with HIV and the LGBTI community to seek and maintain safe, secure and affordable housing
Email housing@thorneharbour.org

Rainbow Connections (THH)
Peer connections for older LGBTI people

Transgender Victoria (TGV)
Victoria's leading body for trans and gender diverse advocacy, training, and resource development in

Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG)
Improving the experience of ageing through connecting research, policy and practice.

Senior's Rights Victoria
Helpline-information, support, advice and education to help prevent elder abuse
Call 1300 368 821

VincentCare is a rainbow tick specialist housing and homelessness service that supports people who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or experiencing a housing crisis.
Call 03 9611 9200

Carers Victoria
Rainbow tick organisation representing and providing support to carers in Victoria.
Call 1800 514 845

Matrix Guild
An advocacy and support group for older lesbians who provide information on accommodation options and manage some social housing properties

LGBTI+ Elders dance group
Free monthly social event, learn new dances, and interact with other LGBTI+ elders and allies.

Community Visitor Programs
List and links to the current CVS Auspices providing LGBTI specific services.

Alice’s Garage
A national project empowering LGBTI elders and promoting healthy LGBTI ageing in Australia

Silver Rainbow
National coordination and support activities promoting the well-being of LGBTI elders and the ongoing delivery of the LGBTI awareness training to the aged care sector

Drummond Street
A not for profit community service organisation with a range of services including counselling and support services for older LGBTI people