The Pioneers of the Village Movement: An Exploration of Membership and Satisfaction Among Beacon Hill Village Members

Villages are designed by and for older adults, an idea that originated from a group of friends in Boston, Massachusetts, in preparation for their future and growing older in their homes and the vibrant community of Boston. In 2002, Beacon Hill Village, a member-driven grassroots organization serving people age fifty and over became the first Village in the world, and gave rise the national Village movement. This study will examine the overall profile, program and service use, satisfaction, and factors associated with Village membership, specifically within the Beacon Hill Village. In order to gain a better understanding of the members within the organization, this research describes the demographic and health characteristics of a sample of members; the programs and services that members find most valuable; explores the major reasons for which people choose to be Village members, and summarizes Beacon Hill Village members’ perceived benefits of membership, and member satisfaction.