The Adequacy of the Age Pension in Australia: An assessment of pensioner living standards

This Australian report examines the adequacy of the Age Pension both qualitatively, through focus groups and town meetings, and quantitatively, through analysis of social survey data. Methodology included quantitative analysis provided by the HILDA (Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia) survey which included 9,000 households and 25,000 individuals. This was complemented by qualitative research using focus groups in five cities across four states and several town hall meetings in regional centres. Pensioners from around the country shared their stories of their lives on the Age Pension. This report also looks at the history of the pension and how Australia’s approach to the pension has evolved from a ‘poverty alleviation’ approach to one which more broadly reflects the ideals we want to see in Australia- a ‘social contract’ approach to the pension which seeks to ensure pensioners are not merely scraping by on the poverty line.
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