Living Alone among Older Persons in Uganda: Prevalence and Associated Factors

This study aimed at investigating the prevalence and factors associated with living alone among older persons in Uganda. Worldwide, the proportion of older persons (aged 60 years and above) stands at 11% and it’s anticipated to double by 2050. In sub-Saharan Africa, older persons comprise 5% of the population. In Uganda, the current population of older persons is estimated at 1.6 million (5% of the population) and it is expected to increase to 5.5 million in 2050. The proportion of older persons living alone varies from one continent to another. A comparative study of living arrangements among older persons indicated that the percentage of those living alone was higher in Africa (2%) than in Asia (1%) and Latin America (1.4%). Among those age 65+, the percentage living alone was higher in Africa (9.7%) compared to Asia (7.3%) and Latin America (8.4%). Generally, the prevalence of older women living alone was higher than that of older men in the three continents.
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