HAAG's response to the Corona virus

HAAG is taking steps to limit the potential spread of the corona virus.  This means that we will be having less face-to-face meetings with our members, volunteers and clients, and there will be less people in the office.  We will still be answering the phone and encourage people to stay in touch!  Please read more about what we are doing:

  • Please call us, don’t visit!  We are closing the office to the public, but we will be still answering the phones.  We don’t want you risking your health by coming into the city. 
  • We are postponing face-to-face meetings – this includes general meetings, peer educators, CALD diversity group, RAAG meetings
  • We are limiting home visits – we will be doing as many over the phone assessments as possible.  If our outreach workers have to visit you, they will be not getting too close.  This is not being rude, but it is to protect your health.  If you or your family has recently been overseas, we won’t be able to visit.
  • Please be patient with us – we will be working with less staff in the office, and things may take longer than usual, but we are doing our best. 
  • We want you to stay connected!  One of our workers or volunteers may give you a call to check in and have a chat.  Listen  to our radio show and podcasts, check our facebook and give us a call if you need anything.
  • Please get the seasonal flu vaccine and the pneumonia vaccine – we are heading into our winter flu season, and this may compound the risk of illness from corona virus.
  • Remember to wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds at least
  • We know that people are very stressed at the moment – take it easy on yourself, support each other

We are concerned about some of the ageist comments that we are hearing and seeing.  Just a reminder that everyone has the right to live with independence and respect – no matter what your age.  Please be mindful of ageism in our society and how it can have a real impact on people’s access to health care, supplies and safety.

For more information about the virus, latest updates and what to do, have a look at this website

Call us if you have any concerns - 1300 765 178 or 03 9654 7389

Take care of yourselves, and all the best from the team at HAAG