An initial visit to WA in January has established a number of key contacts in that state as an introduction to the project there.

The visit coincided with discussions with the Housing Authority in WA that is developing a Seniors Housing Strategy and we provided a submission to the Strategy that will soon be available on this page. A number of key organisations were contacted such as Shelter WA and St. Barts and some valuable contacts were made with academics conducting research on older people at Edith Cowan University, the University of WA and the Curtin University. The next phase will include the building of more contacts with a focus on WA being the key focus of the next research phase.

Now that the WA State Election is over we will also follow up with the new government to discuss their perspective on the Seniors Housing Strategy.

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Ageing on the Edge is a project of Housing for the Aged Action Group, University of Adelaide and the Wicking Trust