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The project completed the first stage of its work in New South Wales with the launch in November 2017 at the National Housing Conference of the report called The Older I Get the Scarier It Becomes – Older People at Risk of Homelessness in NSW where we found the most severe housing problems so far faced by older renters in Australia. The work in NSW was co-ordinated by a Reference Committee auspiced by the NSW Federation of Housing Associations and Homelessness NSW with a wider membership of a number of key agencies who have provided advice on our activities in NSW.

During 2018 the Reference Group has developed into the Ageing on the Edge NSW Forum that is now campaigning to see the implementation of the key recommendations in the report and widening its scope to include action around many of the key priorities of the member agencies.

Action Updates

A new report from the Ageing on the Edge - Older Persons Homelessness Prevention Project shows many older Australians are increasingly at risk of becoming homeless and spending more than half their pension and savings on rent. Seniors advocates are warning it's the beginning of a community crisis in Australia. Report by Sarah Farnsworth - Lateline.

In the lead up to Christmas, thousands of Sydney pensioners are surviving on less than $228 a week after forking out half their income on rents, a new report will reveal today.
The release of the Ageing on the Edge NSW report in Sydney today by the Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG) and University of Adelaide paints a dire picture of rental affordability for older Australians.


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Ageing on the Edge is a project of Housing for the Aged Action Group, University of Adelaide and the Wicking Trust