HAAG Committee of Management

As a member-based Organisation, our members drive the decisions and directions of HAAG which are overseen by our Committee of Management. The focus of the Committee is on the strategic direction and the core policies of the organisation, rather than day-to-day operational decisions, which are delegated to the management team.

HAAG’s Committee of Management is an elected, representative and collective body made up of members of the organsiation from professional backgrounds and those with lived experience of the issues that HAAG tries to address. Having this variety of skills and experience on our Management Committee is an integral part of the organization and one way in which HAAG strives to remain a community group, for the community, led by community.   

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Meet our current Committee of Mangement:

Phyll Williams is a retired university lecturer who received a HAAG pamphlet in the mailbox 9 years ago, and has been a member ever since. Living in an Independent Living Unit (ILU), Phyll brings her lived experience of older persons housing needs to HAAG and has been a dedicated member of HAAG’s ILU working group, the Campaign and Policy Group, the Strategic Planning Group, the Ageing on the Edge National Project Group, and has served twice on HAAG’s Committee of Management. She was elected as Chairperson in June 2017 and is looking forward to providing stability and consistency to the organisation.

Vice Chairperson
Mary-Ann Wright has been an active member of Housing for the Aged Action Group for the past two years and on the Committee of Management for the past twelve months. Mary-Ann attends HAAG general meetings and is training to become a HAAG peer educator. Mary-Ann is keen to support HAAG's vision by bringing a wealth of work and lived experience in the social housing and homeless sectors. In 2019 Mary-Ann was appointed to the Commissioner for Residential Tenancies’ Renters Advisory Group for a 2-year term, representing older women and social Housing tenants.


Pamela Young is 75 years of age and has been on the Committee of Management Housing for the Aged Action Group since June 2018 as Secretary.
She volunteers with Community Radio and co-ordinates a Community program weekly and Jazz program Saturday nights.  She is the co-host "Raise the Roof" for HAAG with producer and host Shane McGrath on 3CR.  She is also the Membership Officer of the Robert Stolz Vienesse Music Society. For 10 years she was the Supervisor at Glenloch Homes for the Elderly where she resides and when this job was dissolved and a paid CEO was installed she found that she still wanted to help the Elderly in some way and joined Housing for the Aged Action Group.

The three charities that she supports in Melbourne are Pencil Community, Books for Disaster Areas, and collection of items for Rotary Clubs that are needed for their many projects. Internationally she supports an Australian girl in Tanzania who is running Secondary and Primary schools for the very poor children all with sponsorships and donations from Australia. She is retired now, and her work life was spent mostly in temporary work in various states of Australia and PNG as her husband was an Officer in the Army and they moved often and this work suited the lifestyle. She was the Membership Officer for the VCSA and mostly was involved in the private sector from chemical companies to retail and many more. She is very concerned about the rights of people and compassionately helps where she can.

Peter Sibly has worked the majority of his life in the not for profit sector and has held a number of different community housing positons in Latrobe Valley and western suburbs of Melbourne. Peter worked with the Mornington Peninsula Shire for six years in a social planning role and also completed 18 month International Development role in remote part of Timor Leste. Currently he is the General Manager of the United Housing Co-operative in Yarraville which manages 102 long term social housing properties. He has served as HAAG Treasurer since the Special General Meeting in June 2017, and brings management, finance and governance experience to the Committee.



Maeve Cooper Brown

Education:  Graduated from the London School of Economics (LSE) with a BA, MA and Ph.D.
Discipline: Anthropology
Post Grad in Labour Law - Melbourne University
Fields of Study and Research:  I’ve travelled and lived in India, South Africa, (unfortunately during the apartheid years, but interesting), USA and Tehran for between eleven and eighteen months respectively.
I visited many other countries for shorter durations.
Employment:  Since arriving in Australia in 1972 I’ve worked as a journalist. I’ve also worked in publishing and my final twelve years in Industrial Relations, being an Associate to the Deputy President of the Industrial Relations Commission of Victoria.
Volunteering:  I’ve volunteered at the Sacred Heart Mission and spent some time teaching English to refugees.


Sue Marino is the daughter of one of the founding members of HAAG, Molly Hadfield OAM, and so brings a continuity of values and purpose to the organisation. Sue has recently retired after 35 years as the Business Manager at the North Fitzroy Primary School, and was responsible for Finances and Human Relations at the school. Having experienced homelessness as a child Sue is very aware of the issues faced by people on low incomes trying to find long term, affordable housing. She has been a member of HAAG’s finance sub-committee since June 2017, and her financial management and HR experience is welcomed.

Vicki Gutsjahr began her career as a teacher before teaching English as a second language and migrant education classes. Vicki has a long history of participating in community movements and serving on committees. Finding private rental unaffordable, Vicki utilised the services of HAAG and moved into an Independent Living Unit (ILU). Shortly after, she joined the ILU working group. In 2015-16 Vicki served as HAAG’s Chair and has been a committee member since 2013.


Kris Spark's involvement with Housing for the Aged Action Group began 17 years ago when she started work in COTA Victoria’s information service, Seniors Information Victoria.  Throughout her 14 years at COTA, there were many opportunities to work with, and support, HAAG, advocating for secure and affordable housing for older people. Kris believes continuity will be important with re-establishing trust across the organisation after recent events, and ensuring that the mission and values of HAAG are not open to compromise. She is committed to consultation with members and transparency of Committee of Management’s decisions and actions.


Pauline Crameri is the co-ordinator of Val’s LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care, a program of Rainbow Health Victoria at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, (ARCSHS) at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. Val’s aims to improve healthy ageing pathways, care and visibility of older LGBTI people. Val’s works directly with service providers and facilitates a network to foster an understanding of the histories and experiences of older LGBTI people, and how these may impact their access to support services and care as they age. Pauline has been at ARCSHS for the past 6 years. She previously worked in a range of human services programs over the past 25 years. Pauline came to Val’s with 15 years’ experience in community aged care and aged care planning in local government, including practical experience in LGBTI service development in a mainstream service, culminating in the achievement of the first Rainbow Tick accreditation.