Social housing providers are private not-for-profit companies which develop, own and manage many forms of rental housing for low to middle income Victorians. These Social Housing providers have an ever increasing portfolio supported by growth funding from the Victorian government.

Rents charged in Social Housing can vary significantly. Some rents are based on a percentage of private rents in that particular area (called a market rent) while others charge between 25% to 30% of combined household income plus 100% of Commonwealth rent assistance.

How do I apply?

You can apply for social housing by contacting Home at Last on 1300 765 178 or by contacting the Social Housing provider yourself.


25 to 30% of your income
-or a percentage of market rent ( for
“Affordable Housing”)


-Receiving an income from Centrelink
-Have under $31,520 in assets
-For the shortest wait lists you must also have a health issue that requires modifications to your home, be homeless or escaping family violence
-For ‘Affordable Housing’ you may be on a low income (not Centrelink)

Adaptability for changing physical needs/maintenance The Social Housing provider will make changes to the housing to suit your  physical needs at no cost to you and is responsible for maintenance.
Location Varied
How long can you stay there? As long as you need it
Legal Coverage Residential Tenancies Act

Social Housing provides a good standard of accommodation specifically designed for the needs of older people. Social Housing is a lot like public housing but it is managed by various Social Housing providers so conditions of tenure vary.