Out of the Closet, Out of Options: Older LGBTI people at risk of homelessness

16 Sep 2020

On the 9th of October, as part of HAAGs World Homelessness day events, we launched two reports on LGBTI older people, housing and homelessness in Victoria.  

“Out of The Closet, Out of Options: Older LGBTI People at risk of homelessness", publishes new data showing the high levels of housing stress and risk of homelessness among the older LGBTI community. Read the full report or the policy snapshot here.

“Review of LGBTI Ageing Research on Housing Needs and Preferences” by the Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) looks over the existing literature and studies. Read the report here.

It was a fantastic event thanks to our presenters Ro Allen, Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ Communities, Buzz Rainbowwolf, Fiona York of HAAG, Tonye Segbedzi of AAG, and the wonderful facilitation of Joe Ball, CEO of Switchboard Victoria.


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