The role of the treasurer is to be responsible for the financial oversight of the organisation to allow the Committee to provide good governance. The Treasurer is responsible to regularly report on the organisation’s financial status to both the Committee and the members. The Treasurer should work closely with the organisations finance worker, and seek advice on financial matters when needed.

Desirable attributes:

  • Good organisational skills
  • Some financial expertise
  • Ability to maintain or interpret accurate records
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Good communication skills
  • Computer skills

Specific duties include:

  • Organise the Finance sub-committee
  • Work with the organisations bookkeeper to administer the financial affairs of the organisation, including
    • Accurate receipting and banking of money
    • Timely payment of accounts
    • Maintain accurate records of income and expenditure
    • Ensuring that all receipts and payments concur with bank deposits and withdrawals
    • Present monthly financial reports at committee meetings
    • Arrange and despatch invoices for periodic payment
  • Provide advice, or seek advice externally, to the Committee in their management of the organisations finances
  • Work with the bookkeeper to lead the annual budget process and ensure and appropriate annual budget is provided to the Committee for approval
  • Ensure development and Committee review of financial policies and procedures
  • Support any auditing processes
  • Keep accurate records ofall membership payments
  • Regularly report on the organisations financial status to both the Committee and the members
Applications Close: 
Thursday, November 11, 2021