The Private Rental Sector in Australia: Public perceptions of quality and affordability

This report examines the national state of the private rental system in Australia. While growing in size, it has also changed in terms of composition. Once dominated by young people who were saving to buy their own home, it now houses a larger number of families and a growing cohort of older people. An increase in the proportion of long-term renters – those who have been in the sector for 10 years or more – is also emerging. This is significant because poorer social and economic outcomes and increased rates of forced mobility are associated with this tenure. Despite the substantial growth, affordable rental options within the sector have declined over the same time frame with reports of shortages accelerating since 1996. Changes to affordability have been attributed to the growing proportion of households residing in the sector following a decline in the proportion of public housing, with affordability particularly an issue for those on low and fixed incomes
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