Silver cities: Planning for an ageing population

The world is ageing, particularly in advanced economies. Over the next 30 years, we will see an extra 15,000 people reaching retirement age in the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member countries every single day. By 2045 the proportion of the population aged over 65 will rise to 25%, from the current 16%. This demographic shift is set to have a profound impact on society and the social fabric of cities. By 2030 all major urban centres in the OECD will see a sharp increase in the number of elderly. These cities will need to adapt and develop a number of short and longer-term strategies to ensure they respond adequately to both the challenges and opportunities that an ageing population present. For the first time in history, the elderly will be the largest age group by 2045, with the greatest increase occurring in those aged over 75 years.
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