CARPAV- Caravan and Residential Parks and Villages

CARPAV (Caravan and Residential Parks and Villages) operated between 2011 and 2017.

The CARPAV working group is now operating under the new title- 'Retirement Accommodation Action Group'.

Between 2011 and 2017 the ILU working group worked to:

-Represent the rights of residents in caravan and residential parks and villages

-Encourage membership of the group

-Campaign for improvements to housing conditions for older people in caravan and residential parks and villages

CARPAV, in conjunction with HAAG, achieved its goals by:

-Constantly seeking improvements to laws governing caravan and residential parks and villages

-Lobbying government to obtain change

-Wherever feasible working co-operatively with industry, other stakeholders and government to achieve these aims

-Developing small projects that will explore matters raised and form recommendations for improvement. 

Some notable achievements of the CARPAV working group were:

  • Introduction of Part 4A into the Residential Tenancies Act in 2011
  • Caravans and Residential Parks Forum in 2012
  • Residential Tenancies Act Review
  • Parliamentary inquiry into the Retirement Housing Sector
  • Collaboration with Swinburne University on a residential parks project (yet to be completed)
  • Retirement Housing forum in 2017