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Innovative Housing Solutions for Ageing in Place in Maleny

Stable, appropriate and affordable housing provides the basis for healthy people and healthy communities, however, there is a fundamental mismatch between the demand and supply of appropriate housing options for older people to age-in-place.

Older Renters in the Western Australian Private Rental Sector: Strategies to enhance housing security for WA's older renters

More people are reaching retirement age without owning a home, and the number of older people residing in the private rental market is increasing.

What do single, older women want? Their ‘own little space’ (and garden) to call home, for a start

The “great Australian dream” of owning your own home is rapidly proving to be an illusion for many in the early 21st century. In an environment of exceedingly high house prices, groups who don’t have secure, long-term employment are at risk of homelessness, particularly as they age.

Ageing out of place: The impact of gender and location on older Victorians in homelessness: Pilot Study Summary

This pilot study, generously supported by a grant from the Mercy Foundation (NSW), aimed to provide insight into how gender and location affect the housing and homelessness pathways and experiences of people aged 55 years and over who have experienced homelessness or housing crisis in Victoria.

Ageing out of place? The impact of gender and location on older Victorians in homelessness: A pilot study.

It is widely acknowledged that Australia has a growing ageing population. The growing housing affordability problem is also widel y recognised. Declining rates of home ownership and a projected increase in older people in private rental are also well documented. The numbers of older people vulnerable to homelessness will increase. This has implications for the homelessness services system.
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