Street Smart Raises Funds for HAAG's Work with Older Women

Each month StreetSmart supporters come together to support a grassroots homelessness project through fundraising. 

This month Street Smart is raising money for HAAG's work with older women in NSW. Street Smart says,

"Older women are particularly vulnerable and are the fastest growing demographic of people experiencing homelessness. Older women are poorer than men their age, less able to maintain homeownership and less able to compete in the private rental market. Having spent their younger years in more unpaid work - many women lack superannuation in later years and are dependent on meager Aged Pension to get by". 

Organisations are asked to encourage their members to fundraise and match the funds that are raised.

This process has raised over 4 million dollars for 1418 homelessness projects across the country- with 100% of the funds raised going directly to projects.

To help StreetSmart raise money for HAAG and other grassroots homelessness organisations contact Adam at 

For more information see the StreetSmart flyer.

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