Donate to Streetsmart for our LGBTI housing project

For month of January, Streetsmart is raising funds for our LGBTI housing project!  This will assist us to support older LGBTI people in housing stress. This is what two older LGBTI people told us about housing affordability and renting in Melbourne:


As an older gay man, with a long term mental illness diagnosis, a stable home is very important to my health.  Living in private rental is expensive and I’m concerned for my future security if I can no longer work and afford the rent.”  Tom, 61 years, Melbourne

“Living in private rental is pretty stressful.  I’ve been thinking about whether or not to take the plunge [to buy a house] but it feels daunting and overwhelming at my age, thinking about my employment prospects over the next few years.  I’m single and that’s another concern – what happens if I get sick, what happens if my hours get cut?  I wonder if it’s worth it – a huge debt for a roof over my head.  But the person renting doesn’t have rights, the system is favoured towards landlords. This is a huge issue for older LGBTI people. And people older than me – there’s structural disadvantage, they haven’t been able to fulfil their potential, maybe they didn’t do well at school or couldn’t go to university or not been able to excel at work because they spent their lives hiding. The gender pay gap has an impact too, older LGBTI women who came out later in life, maybe they were married and got divorced, that has costs too. There’s a hidden cohort of older queer people really affected by this skewed economy of housing, renting, landlords and all that.”  Margaret, 52 years, Melbourne.

You can donate here and support Streetsmart to support us!