Creating Age-Friendly Communities Through the Experiences of Villages: Summary of Longitudinal Member Outcomes

This report summarizes the results of a longitudinal survey that assessed changes over time in self reported outcomes of Village members. Over a four year period, researchers worked with eight Villages in California to administer both baseline surveys to new Village members (within 6 weeks of joining) and follow-up surveys at yearly intervals A total of 697 Village members completed an intake survey when they joined a Village; 299 of these completed a follow survey at approximately 12-months/one year post intake, 184 completed a survey at approximately 24 months/2 years post intake, and 93 completed a follow-up survey at approximately three years post intake. Analyses included paired analysis comparing a variety of measures at baseline and follow-up to assess differences over time, including the domains of: social engagement, civic engagement, health, well being, health care utilization, unmet needs and measures of confidence aging in place. In addition to paired analysis of participating members across years, analyses of non-response, including the differing characteristics of those who dropped out of the Village compared to those who remained members were examined.