Do you think government policies around housing could be improved? Do you want to take action on housing issues affecting older people? Do you have ideas about how housing services could better assist older people? Are you worried about the housing situation of the future?

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About  HAAG

Housing for the Aged Action Group is a not for profit community group dedicated to improving housing outcomes for older people. As the only organisation of its kind in Australia and with over 30 years experience taking action, HAAG is the voice on housing for older people.


HAAG are always looking for new members keen to take action on issues surround housing affordability, access, security and supply.  From loudly rallying on the steps of Parliament  to quietly writing a letter to your minister, there is always a way you can contribute to the cause.  


HAAG has undertaken a number of projects that seek to improve older peoples housing outcomes through better access, increased options and improved services.

Working Groups

HAAG facilitate various meetings where groups of like-minded members work together to form policy submissions, recommendations and inform services working with older people. The lobbying of HAAG working groups has successfully created changes in government policy.


HAAG values any media opportunity that raises awareness of housing issues. We have featured on national TV, have positions on local radio and have featured in  various newspapers. We have also produced our own films. HAAG Clients and members are supported to tell their stories when media opportunities arise.


HAAG have contributed to research and policy submissions and written articles and reports on issues that surround housing affordability, access, security and supply. HAAG has also produced several documents designed to assist those seeking affordable, secure housing.


For more information on Campaigning, Policy and Research
Phone: 03 9654 7389 - Interpreters available