Project Making Progress at the NSW Rental Options Roundtable for Older People

 As part of the NSW government’s Ageing Strategy 2016-20, Jeff Fiedler gave a presentation to the Rental Options Roundtable for Older People that was attended by 50 key representatives of agencies in NSW including the Minister for Ageing Tanya Davies.

The first two meetings of the NSW reference committee for the NSW research has been held to kick off the NSW phase of Ageing on The Edge: National Action Project, with the involvement of 12 major Sydney based organisations

HAAG's partner Deb Faulkner of the University of South Australia  also attended and additional research linkages have been created with Macquarie University who are doing a housing project for Council on the Ageing (COTA) and also with Dr Alan Morris from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Due to the number of activities being held during Homelessness Week in August the launch of the Projects research into Housing for the Aged in New South Wales may now be held in October as part of Poverty Week between the 15th and the 22nd of October 2017.

Hon Tanya Davies New South Wales Minister for Ageing speaking at the Rental Options Roundtable for Older People.

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