Pensioners Priced out of the Rental Market

The latest Rental Affordability Index found that pensioners are being priced out of the rental market. No surprise to HAAG members who have been feeling the rental squeeze for many years.

"Across the nation, the single pensioner household is facing Severely Unaffordable and Extremely Unaffordable rents. For the most part, locating in metropolitan areas (which is where one bedroom dwellings are generally available) would require 60 percent or more of the pensioner’s income to be spent on rent.

Housing pressures on this household type would also be compounded by a number of other pressures, including health care costs associated with aging". May Rental Affordability Index Report 2017

National Shelter have responded this morning by calling on the government to provide affordable housing options to replace the dwindling numbers of public housing properties and the demolition of the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS).

We call on HAAG members to do the same by contacting the federal government or your local member to ask them to support the growth of affordable housing for pensioners.

The full report is available below.


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