ILU Working Group

Independent Living Units

HAAG has established a forum of discussion for residents of not-for-profit Independent Living Units (ILUs) to examine housing issues being experienced by residents in this much neglected housing sector. The group has been created in response to the Eastern Region ILU Research Project, as well as client contact work undertaken by the Retirement Housing Worker. Feedback from residents has revealed concerns about how villages are managed, what their rights are and day to day issues, such as: responses to requests for repairs.

In order to better understand and address residents concerns, the group will focus on achieving a state wide overview of the current situation surrounding not-for-profit ILUs, with the aim of forming recommendations for how the situation could be improved to benefit residents.

Purpose of the Group:

  • To provide a forum for discussion of issues raised by residents of not-for-profit ILU’s
  • To examine the ways in which the not-for-profit sector manages the day to day operations of the units
  • To develop small projects that will explore matters raised and form recommendations for improvement
  • To identify potential legislative reform that will better meet the rights of residents.

Retirement Villages Amendment (Records and Notices) Regulations 2013 and Retirement Villages Amendment (Contractual Arrangements) Regulations 2013

In early July 2013 a small number of ILU working group members met to discuss the Regulatory Impact Statement for Retirement Village Disclosure and Contract Regulations. These new regulations will, as the title suggests, improve disclosure provisions for future retirement village contracts so that there will be more transparency and information available to residents when they are considering moving into a retirement village. The RIS also has some interesting demographic data that shows that 60% of retirement villages are in the not-for-profit sector, hence the importance of our response.


Consumer Affairs Victoria invited comment on proposed regulations to help consumers better understand their rights and obligations when choosing and living in a retirement village. Our Regulatory Impact Statement - Retirement Village disclosure and contract regulations - examines the costs and benefits of the proposed regulations and alternatives. It concludes that the proposed regulations are the most efficient way to help prospective residents: • compare retirement villages and choose a village that meets their personal and social needs, and • understand their rights, obligations and financial commitments before entering a retirement village. The key proposals require operators to: • provide prospective residents with a statement of the entry costs, ongoing costs and departure costs before they sign a contract • standardise retirement village contracts to make them easier to understand and compare • ensure contracts include a basic set of mandatory rights and responsibilities of retirement village residents, managers and owners • provide a factsheet about the village and access to inspect relevant village documents to retirees enquiring about the village. The proposed new regulations under the Retirement Villages Act 1986 will amend the Retirement Villages (Records and Notices) Regulations 2005 and Retirement Villages (Contractual Arrangements) Regulations 2006.

Regulatory Impact Statement for Retirement Villages Amendment (Records and Notices) Regulations 2013 and Retirement Villages Amendment (Contractual Arrangements) Regulations 2013 Housing for the Aged Action Group recently lodged this submission.

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